We met another couple at Pizza Man in Milwaukee.  We had been to their old location probably 12 years ago.  This was our first time at the new location.

Our friends both had the ribs.  We had a taste and they were tender.  But the ribs were covered in that sweet BBQ sauce.  We do not like the sweet sauce and prefer a mustard or vinegar based BBQ that is more spicy.  So the ribs were not for us.

We ordered the pizza.  It was OK.  Not as good as other pizza’s in Milwaukee, like Zafriro’s and others.

The owner stopped by our table twice and chatted and was very friendly.

We were at the table for 3 hours.  Our friends ordered dessert.  We had 2 or 3 rounds of drinks after their dessert was done.  So we were spending money continuously.  But the owner came back and told us we were there too long and had to give up our table.  Normally, we would understand.  But there was no one waiting!  And we were spending money, not just drinking water.

We will not be going back.