We tried Yellow Fin in Gainesville, GA.  It used to be Sidebar 120.

We got there for happy hour.  They have $0.50 oysters during happy hour.  The raw oysters were very good.  They were fresh and tasted great.  Definately worth the money.

We also ordered their clam chowder.  This was also excellent.  Not too thick.  LOTS of clams.  We ordered the cup and it came in a pretty big bowl. 

We then ordered the seard ahi tuna.  We had to return this and get it removed from our bill.  It had very little flavor.

We replaced the tuna with steamed clams.  They were good.

We also ordered scallops bishop.  There were only 5 small scallops.  They tasted good but not worth $21.  It came with rice pilaf and creamed corn.  There was no cream on the corn.  They should have just called it corn.

In summary, it is a good place to go for appetizers.  We will be going back for those.  Especially for the happy hour $0.50 oysters.  But we will be avoiding some of the other items on their menu.

They do not have a website yet.