Daniel’s Restaurant and Lounge

During our trip to Hilton Head, we stumbled across Daniel’s.  We are very glad we found this place.  The rest of our dining experiences on Hilton Head were bad.

We stuck to the tapas at Daniels.  The Crispy Shrimp and Calamari was supposed to be sweet and spicy.  It was only sweet without any spicy.  A little disappointing but still good.  Next we had a flight of their 3 soups.  All 3 were outstanding.  Finally, we had the Hummus Platter.  This was incredibly good.  It is prepared tableside and comes with several extras to add onto the hummus and pita.  It is worth going to Daniels just for this dish.

We will definitely go back to Daniels the next time we are in Hilton Head.